The castle chapel

A close look at sacred Christian art

The chapel at Mauterndorf Castle has a gothic winged altar and is considered one of the most important cultural monuments in the Lungau region of Salzburg Province. Explore this historical treasure at close quarters!


A bath with the Prince-Archbishop

As well as serving as toll station for travelling merchants, Mauterndorf Castle was the summer residence of the Prince-Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach. See how the legendary ruler with the turnip on his coat of arms lived in the area now known as Lungau, and how his private chambers may have looked.

Knights' Hall

Enjoy medieval-style celebrations

What was life like dining at the table of Prince-Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach? Which musical instruments were used to entertain guests in the medieval period? These questions are answered in the knights’ hall at Fortress Mauterndorf.

Defence tower

Explore the Middle Ages

What happens when a castle is under siege? How was a defence tower built in the Middle Ages? Explore the exhibition in the tower at Mauterndorf Castle and enjoy the view from the top floor of the old defence tower.

Castle courtyard

Where merchants bought and sold goods

For several centuries Mauterndorf Castle served as a toll station along the key transalpine trading route connecting northern and southern Europe, and saw myriad travellers during this period. Would you like to join them?

Epenstein exhibition

Hermann Epenstein was a man of contradictions. To this day, the former Berlin doctor is revered as a major benefactor of the Lungau region. He purchased Mauterndorf Castle in 1894, saving it from ruin at great personal expense and effort. The half-Jewish convert was also Hermann Göring’s godfather. Hermann Göring later inherited the castle. The exhibition reveals Epenstein’s many facets as a patron and a person mixing in Powerful circles.

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