Prince’s Chambers & Magic Theater

Experience a trip back to the Middle Ages

The mysterious Prince’s Chambers of Fortress Hohensalzburg is one of the highlights of any visit. Discover the most well-preserved secular Gothic buildings in Europe and find out the exciting background about the life and work of Salzburg rulers and their subjects. The multimedia exhibition and the new magic theater will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

The armoury

This major Salzburg landmark now features a new exhibition

The armoury was originally the storage facility for the fortress canons, guns and accessories. It is one of 4 armouries to have been used throughout the history of the fortress. In 2019, the main armoury in the castle courtyard was converted into a modern exhibition area. Since then visitors have enjoyed the opportunity to immerse themselves in a bygone age of weaponry, explosive gunpowder, sophisticated fortress construction, and of shot and cannonball mills.

The castle museum

A thousand years of building history

The Fortress Museum presents insights into the history of Salzburg and the function of the fortress by exhibiting selected objects from the medieval holdings of the Salzburg Museum and large-scale media installations. The tour of a total of twelve rooms proceeds as a sequence of topics that illustrate different aspects of the Middle Ages, highlighting the art, culture and history of Salzburg through individual persons and events.

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Foto: © Salzburg Museum

The Rainer Regiment museum

A museum with tradition

Hohensalzburg Castle has been home to the Rainer museum since 1924, to preserve the memory of the former Salzburg house regiment, the imperial and royal infantry regiment ‘Archduke Rainer’ no. 59. Its history dates back to the year 1682. When the Duchy of Salzburg finally came under Austrian rule in 1816, the Innviertel and the Hausruckviertel in Upper Austria were assigned to the regiment as recruitment districts.

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The puppet museum

The great art of petite puppets

Explore the marvelous world of puppets. In this museum there are many exhibits from the world-famous Salzburg puppet theater in Schwarzstraße. Have a go at being a puppeteer and find out more about the history of this unique art form!

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Family special – children free of charge

From July – 30th September 2020
Max. two children per adult – free of charge