The fortress chapel

The spiritual heart of the fortress

The Sigismund chapel was probably built with the original fortress in the 11th century and has been modernised several times over the following centuries. Take your time, look around and look out for the admonitory arm that once warned churchgoers of what to expect if they converted to Protestantism.

The legend of Jackl

Special exhibition in the arsenal

Witches, wizards and magical powers have always fascinated people. The current special exhibition on the Legend of Jackl is devoted to the significance of magic and witchcraft over time, and reveals some chilling details of the Salzburg Jackl witch trials. Fascinating videos feature experts and historians explaining the backgrounds and histories of the exhibits.

Falconry Museum

Aerobatics experts

Special features for visitors at Fortress Hohenwerfen are guaranteed by the regular falconry shows staged by the provincial falconry centre, demonstrating the centuries-old art of falconry and helping to keep these skills alive today. Austria’s very first falconry museum gives you a chance to explore the history of this fascinating skill.

Casemate vault

Once a fortification - now a great place of discovery

During a history stretching back almost one thousand years Fortress Hohenwerfen has served several purposes: fortress, prison, police school and film location. Find out more about the colourful history of the venue in the casemate vault.

Where Eagles dare

When Hollywood came to Werfen

What did Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton have in common? They were two of the most famous celebrities to have visited Fortress Hohenwerfen. They did so for a specific reason, as the both starred in the Hollywood film ‘Where Eagles Dare’. To mark the 50th anniversary of the classic film there’s a special exhibition dedicated to the production and significance of the film for Fortresss Hohenwerfen.

Tour of the fortress

Welcome to the Middle Ages

The virtual tour of the walls and rooms of the Fortress Hohenwerfen takes visitors from the cellar dungeon that housed the legendary silent prisoner to a panoramic view from the bell tower. Ultimately, you decide where the journey takes you!

Information for your visit

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