The Prince’s Chambers

Rediscover magnificent treasures

Splendour and gold attract numerous visitors to the state rooms. We give you the additional virtual opportunity to meet three certified experts and gain fascinating insights into the history and restoration of the venue.

the bakery

A look around the bakery

Open the doors to a venue visitors don’t usually see! The doors open to reveal the old bakery where you’re heartily welcomed by two castle guides.

the arsenal

A visit to the arsenal

Take a look around the former armoury at Fortress Hohensalzburg as our castle tour guides tell you all about the knights’ armour and weapons, cannons, and Salzburg’s ancient city defences!

the Romanesque chapel

Virtual excavation

Would you like to discover the earthy origins of the fortress? You’ve come to exactly the right place! Explore the Romanesque chapel in the fortress and meet the archaeologist responsible for the excavation work here for many years. 

The Saint George’s Church

A church tower above the city

The bells of Saint George’s Church have sounded on countless occasions over the past 500 years – for church services, baptisms and weddings... Meet our fortress custodian in the church and hear all about the fascinating history of the building.

Panorama tour

Fantastic views and insights

Admire Mozart’s home town from the highest point in Salzburg, marvel at a faithfully-detailed 3D model of the town made of rock salt, discover the Salzburg Bull, and find out more about the city of Salzburg’s best-known landmark on a fascinating walk along the battlement walkways.

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