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Hohenwerfen adventure castle is located about forty kilometers south of the city of Salzburg and can be reached easily and comfortably by car and by public transport.

The town of Werfen can be reached from all directions via the Tauern highway (A 10). If you come from the north, take the ‘Pass Lueg’ exit and drive along the Salzachtal main road (B159) towards the south. After passing the village of Tenneck, Hohenwerfen Castle and its car park are located directly on the main road. If you come from the south, leave the highway at the ‘Pfarrwerfen/Werfen’ exit and keep driving towards Werfen. The car park of Hohenwerfen adventure castle is about two kilometers away. Warning: A road tax sticker, the ‘vignette’, is compulsory for all highways in Austria. If you do not wish to buy a vignette, you can reach Hohenwerfen Castle via the Salzachtal main road (B 159). There are sufficient free parking spaces for coaches.

Werfen station has its own railway (ÖBB) and local railway (S-Bahn) station with direct connections to the city of Salzburg and to Bischofshofen. The S-Bahn local rail service runs every 30 minutes between the city of Salzburg and Werfen; the journey lasts about 45 minutes. A shady footpath takes you from the station directly to the adventure castle in around half an hour.

From the station Werfen you can order a shuttle to Hohenwerfen Castle. Book the shuttle service approximately 1 hour in advance by calling the following phone number +43 664 1266700. Click here for more information.

The nearest airport to Hohenwerfen adventure castle is Salzburg airport. Salzburg airport is the second largest airport in Austria and is located directly at the highway intersection Salzburg-Munich-Vienna-Villach. It provides very good flight connections to major European cities and is well linked to the main transport hubs of Frankfurt, Vienna, London and Zurich. Hohenwerfen adventure castle is 47 kilometers away and can be reached via the Tauern highway in around 30 minutes by rental car or taxi.

If you wish to climb the 155-meter-high peak on foot, you can walk through the light woodland and reach the first and second gateway arches after around 15 minutes, where the ticket window is located. It is recommended that you wear sturdy footwear for the climb, but especially for the descent in case of wet weather. From the car park the castle can be reached directly with the modern passenger elevator, which transports visitors directly to the castle courtyard.

Hohenwerfen Castle
Hohenwerfen adventure castle
Burgstraße 2
5450 Werfen
+43 6468 76 03
+43 6468 76 03 - 4
[email protected]
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