A new circular trail around Mauterndorf Castle and a special drawbridge

The new circular route along the River Taurach and around Mauterndorf Castle is approximately one kilometre long, and offers plenty of exciting experiences and impressive vistas of the Radstädter Tauern mountains. Visitors savour the natural magnificence of the local countryside, the pure and fresh air of Lungau’s Biosphere Park, and spectacular views of Mauterndorf Castle.

The centrepiece of the route is a newly-established castle park with a brand-new, fully-functional, 26-metre drawbridge, a work of architectural art created by the renowned Hamburg-born artist, Toni Schmale. The structure’s sophisticated bridge-raising mechanism reveals her wealth of technical expertise. As opposed to the drawbridges of yesteryear, the Mauterndorf bridge has two swinging platforms and can be mounted from both sides. Historically, drawbridges were a means of keeping out the enemy, but the one at Mauterndorf Castle is both a gateway – and an attraction in itself!

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