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Fortress Hohensalzburg is not only a historic landmark, it also offers exciting experiences for families with children including children’s birthday parties and the children's holiday program. This page provides a quick overview of our packages for families. Warning: Access to the castle with strollers is limited!

Family-friendly tours

Fortress Hohensalzburg regularly offers family-friendly public tours. The current tour schedule can be viewed in the event calendar.

Private tours suitable for children age 5 years and up.
Would you like to book a private tour for your family? Tours on the following three themes are available throughout the year:

  • Up the Tower and Down in the Bunker

How high is the tower? How large is a cannonball? How heavy are armoury and weaponry? These are the questions dealt with by the ‘Up the Tower and Down in the Bunker’ tour.
The adventure-packed tour begins in the former salt storage room, and visits places such as an old dungeon tower, a secret bunker and the old armoury.

  • Pomp and Pastry

‘Pomp and Pastry” is a tour for visitors of all ages, and reveals locations such as the magnificent state rooms and the old bakery. It answers the questions: What was eaten for breakfast in 1500? What sweet dishes and treats were commonly consumed? Is there treasure up in the fortress, and what does it look like?

  • Of Unicorns and Wild Men 

What’s the significance of the turnip? What was Emperor Charlemagne up to in Mount Untersberg? And where does the unicorn hide up in the fortress? ‘Of Unicorns and Wild Men’ is a tour designed for children that explores some of the old sagas and legends associated with the fortress. Together, our explorers meet a lion with a pretzel tail, see the ‘Rübler’ coat of arms, and visit the magnificent state rooms in fortifications dating back almost a thousand years.
Flat fee for the tour (up to 10 participants): € 60.00
Each additional child costs € 3.50 and each additional adult costs € 6.00
Groups with more than 15 participants will be split.

Children’s birthday parties

An unforgettable afternoon

For a children’s birthday at Hohensalzburg Castle, the birthday boy or girl and their friends meet in the old town, just behind the cathedral. The castle must be conquered before the children can explore the secret nooks and crannies of the castle. Once they arrive in the castle courtyard, freshly made bread will be ready for them in the old bakery. You can choose from various themes for the children's birthday party at Hohensalzburg Castle: Knightly tournaments and skill-based games are scheduled in the program so the children are guaranteed plenty of fun. The children can also reenact scenes from old sagas and legends, or slip into the costumes of former nobles.

about 2.5 hours

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