Culinary delights at Fortress Hohensalzburg

Indulgence with a panoramic view

With the cozy Burgschenke tavern and the Hohensalzburg Castle restaurant, two prestigious catering establishments invite you in for culinary delights up at Hohensalzburg Castle. Whether rounding off a visit to the castle, a family trip or a romantic dinner for two, Salzburg delicacies are served and garnished with a breathtaking view over Salzburg, Mozart’s home town.

Restaurant rooms

The rooms of the restaurant include the Heraldry Hall, the Pine Wood Room, the Prince’s Room, the Wolf-Dietrich Room, the Leonhard Room and the Paris-Lodron Room. The city-view terrace and panorama patio provide fantastic vistas of the city of Mozart and the surrounding mountains. The historic Castle Hall and the Gothic barrel vault of the castle tavern are particularly rustic. The medieval knightly banquets are also served here for groups with a prior reservation.

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Information for your visit

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