Your family outing into the Middle Ages

The adventure for young and old at Hohenwerfen adventure castle

You can look forward to fantastic shows with birds of prey, an exciting quiz rally for children, guided tours for adults and children, special exhibitions and lots of fun. The 900-year-old fortified castle in the Salzburg Pongau makes the Middle Ages come to life and is one of the most popular destinations for families with children. The adventure castle is perfect for a day out in the Salzburg countryside. Warning: The access to the castle with a stroller is limited!

Children’s audio guide

Fun while learning

Children have their own way of learning and exploring. At Hohenwerfen adventure castle we have therefore developed special audio guides that are fully tailored to children’s needs. We currently have children’s audio guides in German, English, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Hebrew. You receive the audio guides at the start of the tour in the castle courtyard.

Quiz rally for children

Adventurous discoveries

With the help of the clever falcon Alonso, the kids go on a thrilling quiz rally, interactively solve the secret of the shadows and are rewarded with a small surprise. At various exciting stations the young adventurers have to solve tricky tasks. The hunters of the skies then show their unparalleled skills in the fantastic flight show with birds of prey. You receive the quiz book at the cash desk.

Games in the castle courtyard & children’s knight’s tournaments

Games from the Middle Ages

In the castle courtyard, younger visitors can enjoy themselves with many different games. Activities such as walking on stilts, throwing rings or bowling are available the whole day. Children can also build their own castle with wooden building blocks. Our advice: From May to September, the whole family can prove their skills at the weekend in a small tournament made up of 4 stations under the motto “from squire to knight”. An awards ceremony then follows. Every child will receive a surprise.

When: May - September
Duration: around 20 minutes
Price: € 3
Age: 1-99
Warning: Only with good weather conditions

Exciting special programs

Fun for young and old

Exciting special events are held the whole summer at Hohenwerfen Castle with varied programs. These include the medieval hustle and bustle with stunning fencing displays, fairy-tale walks around the castle or the big children’s festival.

You can find all the details and dates in our event calendar.