Hödlmoser Atelier Studio

The Hödlmoser Atelier is a studio named after the Salzburg artist Sepp Hödlmoser. Since 2006 it has hosted exhibitions of modern art. During the summer months a variety of artists are invited to display their fascinating exhibits, as well as to work there and to discuss their art with visitors. Exhibits on show here include colourful textile exhibits, traditional screen-printing, very fine drawings, eye-catching wire sculptures and elegant works of ceramic art.

Golden Sphere / Sphaera

The oversize golden sphere on Kapitelplatz Square is a 2007 work of art entitled ‘Sphaera’ by Stefan Balkenhol. It is one of two exhibits made for this project. The second, the woman in the rock face, can be seen in the Toscaninihof courtyard. The sphere is made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic, the base of wrought iron and the man on the sphere of bronze. This is one of the works donated by the Salzburg Foundation.

Stephan Balkenhol, Sphaera, 2007, Sammlung Würth © Foto: TSG Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star has been here since 2018. It is a work of art created by the US artist Paul Wallach, and was produced as one of the Salzburg Foundation Krauthügel projects. As the name suggests, the sculpture portrays a fallen star and is an opportunity for visitors to stop and stare. The star-shape of the sculpture can only be seen from above – from Fortress Hohensalzburg for instance.

Paul Wallach, Down to the Ground
Photo: Andreas Kolarik


Since 1973, the Salzburg Traklhaus has provided exhibition space for individuals from a wide range of artistic fields. Fortress Hohensalzburg hosts exhibitions in two separate rooms in cooperation with the Traklhaus: One is the former Hödlmoser studio, and the other is used for photography exhibitions. Both venues feature conventional and unconventional works. Examples include posters by Julius Deutschbauer and the decorative jewellery of Konstanze Prechtl.

Sommer academy

The International Summer Academy up at Fortress Hohensalzburg was founded as the ‘School of Seeing’ by Oskar Kokoschka in 1953. The academy hosts single-week or multiple-week workshops and provides opportunities for young and talented individuals in the world of art. Summer academy participants come from over 50 countries around the world and enhance Salzburg’s best-known landmark in the summer months with the products of their talent.
© Foto: Mira Turba

Artists exhibit at Fortress Hohensalzburg

Down the years a wide range of artists have come to the fortress – Salzburg’s main landmark – as a place to work and exhibit their output. The list includes Alois Lindner, Sepp Hödlmoser and Arno Lehmann.

Foto: „Sepp Hödlmoser, November 1958“. © Stadtarchiv Salzburg, Fotosammlung Johann Barth

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