360-degree view

Exceptional views over the city of Mozart

The Medieval fortification complex and the later period castle tower majestically above the Salzburg city rooftops representing 900 years of building history. The view over the Archbishop’s city and the mountainous region is spectacular and unforgettable. It’s worth visiting Fortress Hohensalzburg just for the panoramic vista.

Prince’s Chambers & Magic Theater

Experience a trip back to the Middle Ages

The mysterious Prince’s Chambers of Fortress Hohensalzburg is one of the highlights of any visit. Discover the most well-preserved secular Gothic buildings in Europe and find out the exciting background about the life and work of Salzburg rulers and their subjects. The multimedia exhibition and the new magic theater will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Fortress games

Let the fortress games begin!

Give free rein to your gaming instinct at each of seven stops around the fortress – in groups or in pairs – and combine history lessons with old-fashioned fun.

Meet Countess Diemut von Högl, who was married a whole four times, as you play ‘The Throws of Love’ (and strike a good dowry deal!) There’s also a blacksmith that swings a hammer faster than his own shadow. Strike hard! But only at the horseshoes, of course. Spin the peacock vanity wheel of fortune! In the 16th century peacocks were prestigious mascots for the fortress.

Pick up the game package in Peter the arsenal guardian's Paradise Garden. This will serve you well in your hunt for the Golden Turnip! Let the fortress games begin! 

Travel up and down on the funicular

The quickest route to Fortress Hohensalzburg

Real adventurers will want to climb the castle on foot, although the funicular is quicker and more comfortable - riding up to the castle every ten minutes. Did you know that this is the oldest funicular railway in Austria? It has transported visitors up to the castle since 1892 - but in those days it was still powered by water. Today it’s an ultra-modern rail system which meets all the latest comfort and safety requirements.

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