05.07. - 03.11. | Special exhibition | Hohenwerfen Castle

100 Years of Ibex in Austria

Together with the Salzburg Hunting Association and the Salzburg State Falconry, Hohenwerfen Castle presents a special exhibition on the ibex and the history of its reintroduction in the Eastern Alps. Species conservation and raising awareness about dealing with wildlife are already central concerns of the castle's program within the framework of the daily birds of prey flight demonstrations.


Majestically perched on a rock high above the Salzach Valley, Hohenwerfen Castle stands tall. Birds of prey circle around its towers, and those who pass through its mighty walls enter another world. In the castle’s casemate vault, a special exhibition named “100 Years of Ibex in Austria” has been set up until the end of the 2024 season. Its spectacular climbing skills and appearance make the “Capra ibex” (Alpine ibex) one of the most fascinating wildlife species. It never had it easy. Its low fear of humans made it an easy prey as early as the Middle Ages. Additionally, it served as a walking pharmacy at that time. Almost every part of its body was believed to have healing properties. Especially the "heart cross," a hardened cartilage of the heart valve, was supposed to make its bearer invincible. By around 1700, the ibex was nearly extinct in the Western and Eastern Alps. Only the reintroduction in Blühnbachtal in 1924 marked the starting point for many re-establishments and new formations of ibex populations in the Eastern Alps.

A Variety of Treasures

The exhibition offers a variety of treasures inviting visitors to look, marvel, and read. Among the items on display are an ibex specimen, a bronze statue of an ibex, and a finding of an ibex skull estimated to be 9,000 years old. Visitors who would like to guess the age of female and male horns themselves can give it a try.

Admission to the exhibition is included in the castle entry fee.

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