Versatile, ornate and a well-kept secret

What was originally a room for small society celebrations is a well-kept secret available for hire for events in Salzburg. The throne room can be rented exclusively for an event with the approval of the facility administrators. It can accommodate up to 180 guests. Why not enjoy cocktails in the white room followed by a banquet in the throne room?


This impressive hall for festivities and social gatherings is decked in a sophisticated shade of red, and boasts a splendid painting by Michael Rottmayr on the ceiling. The painting portrays the legendary Feast of the Gods at the marriage of Thetis. One door connects the throne room with the former private chambers of the prince bishops in the Toscana tract, today home to the University of Salzburg. Even when the weather outside in the summer is scorching hot, the throne room remains pleasantly cool, and the old parquet floor and splendid chandeliers give the venue a charming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Technical information

Hall: 177.44 m²
Length: about 20.24 m
Width: about 8.76 m
Height: about 6.90 m

Electricity connections
5 connections: 220 volts
0 connections: 32 amps
0 connections: 16 amps

In immediate vicinity
1 connection: 32 amps

2 chandeliers

* Restricted use. Only after consultation with the Residenz management.

Floor Plan: Throne Room

Download a detailed map of the Throne Room
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Throne Room

All venues at a glance

ROOMS Theater style Parliamentary Banquet Carré U-shape Boardroom Cocktail reception Length x Width Size Daylight (morning sun, afternoon sun) W-Lan Truck access possible until Base rent
Ante Camera6027553421566010,05 x 9,8599,19M+11:00310
Audienzsaal Hall90489042363010013,79 x 9,84134,97M+11:00550
The Gallery*------5020,69 x 5,07104,20-++11:00300
Blue Room*--11--865,33 x 5,0826,78-+11:0090
Carabinieri Hall52517039612311437652550 x 12640,80M++11:001.950
Domgang corridor--6026-266021,36 x 4,63129,31M+11:00400
& Sintflutengang corridors*
Green Room*------509,56 x 8,1077,29A++11:00200
Inner Courtyard525-----525-1.070-+11:001.200
Imperial Hall*150898856488818019,42 x 9,11176,35A++11:00540
Conference Hall1407699404412016014,94 x 12,82189,26M++11:00600
Kitchen-------8,41 x 6,50--++11:00160
Knights’ Hall250108160646918630025 x 10254,18M++11:00780
Throne Room*14048132525212018020,24 x 8,76177,44-+11:00540
White Hall*1204810848429618019,46 x 8,80171,48M++11:00520

* Restricted use. Only after consultation with the Residenz management.