Hohenwerfen Fortress

Life in medieval times

The mighty castle of Hohenwerfen has towered over the 155 metre high craggy rock pillar above the Salzachtal valley for more than 900 years. The powerful fortifications were built at the same time as Hohensalzburg Fortress and are some of the best preserved late medieval defences and rooms on the continent. Over the centuries they have seen countless attacks and sieges, and several great rulers and lords, such as Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, were held prisoner in the castle.

Greetings from the middle ages

A tour of the castle includes a walk around the castle chapel, the pitch kitchen, the armoury and arsenal featuring an exhibition of the weapons over the ages, the battlements, the bell tower and the adapted rooms of the regents. The illuminated exhibition on the history of building progress and the new, interactive exhibition – ‘To arms! Power, Honour, Submission’ – give visitor fascinating insights into medieval life. All year round Hohenwerfen Fortress stages a wide range of events, festive weekends, saga trails, evening tours, falconry demonstrations, and at Christmas an Advent market.

The high art of falconry

For a protracted period Hohenwerfen Fortress was used by the archbishops of Salzburg as a hunting base. One obvious sign is the existence of the falconry centre. As well as the ‘Landesfalkenhof’ the castle is also home to Austria’s very first museum of falconry featuring a special educational trail for those interested in learning about birds of prey. There are daily demonstrations of the high art of falconry as practised in a number of countries to this day.