Mauterndorf Castle

An outing for the entire family

Medieval Life at Mauterndorf Castle
In centuries gone by various valuable goods made their way along the old Roman trading routes over the Tauern mountains; commodities such as salt, loden material, wheat, wine and spices. They were treacherous times for the caravan drivers – unpredictable weather, dangerous terrain, thieves and ambushers all made crossing the Alps a risky undertaking and there was no way of avoiding the toll duties charged at Mauterndorf Castle. The path led directly through the toll gate, the existence of which was first documented in 1002 AD.

A museum with an eye for detail

Nowadays the former toll station, used by Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach as a summer residence, offers a wide range of activities and sights. On a tour with an audio guide, visitors encounter life-size models like the archbishop in a hot tub, a group of medieval musicians, and the horse and cart in the courtyard. Mauternburg is one of the three well-preserved toll stations along the famous ‘Via Imperialis’, and also offers fascinating features such as the Lungau country museum, the cosy restaurant tavern, a large medieval games area and several events, making it an ideal destination for outings for the whole family.

Try it on – try it out!

There’s also fun to be had with the medieval attire as visitors are given the opportunity to try out clothing from the Middle Ages. Sense the fear exuded by the cavern cellars, slip into the armour of the knights and load an old musket. There’s even the chance to try out the bed in the private quarters of the archbishop. The 700 year old lookout and defence tower is 44 metres high, unique in Europe in its design and provides a fantastic view of the Lungau region. The uses of the tower in the past are authentically portrayed on the six floors including the weaponry and ammunition depots, the living area with a cooking facility, a food store room, emergency quarters and a place for the guards and inhabitants to relax.