Bright and elegant: The Domgang corridor is a marvellous venue

Are you looking for a place to host a concert or cocktail reception for up to60 guests in Salzburg? The Domgang corridor at the Residenz palace is a uniquely atmospheric venue. On top of the wonderful view, this memorable location also offers the benefits of an L-shaped space, a beautiful stone floor and numerous windows that give the venue its very own charm. 

Technical information
Hall: 129,31 m²
Length: 21.36 m
Width: 4.63 m
Height: 4.90 m

2 chandeliers 

Electricity connections
2 connections: 220 volts
1 connection: 32 amps
0 connections: 16 amps

Floor Plan: Cathedral Passage

Download the cathedral passage's floor plan.
pdf | 240 KB
Cathedral Passage

All venues at a glance

ROOMS Theater style Parliamentary Banquet Carré U-shape Boardroom Cocktail reception Length x Width Size Daylight (morning sun, afternoon sun) W-Lan Truck access possible until Base rent
Ante Camera6027553421566010,05 x 9,8599,19M+11:00310
Audienzsaal Hall90489042363010013,79 x 9,84134,97M+11:00550
The Gallery*------6020,69 x 5,07104,20-++11:00300
Blue Room*--6--665,33 x 5,0826,78-+11:0090
Carabinieri Hall52517039612311437652550 x 12640,80M++11:001.950
Domgang corridor--6026-266021,36 x 4,63129,31M+11:00400
& Sintflutengang corridors*
Green Room*30-----309,56 x 8,1077,29A++11:00200
Inner Courtyard525-----525-1.070-+11:001.200
Imperial Hall*150898856488815019,42 x 9,11176,35A++11:00540
Conference Hall1607699404412016014,94 x 12,82189,26M++11:00600
Kitchen-------8,41 x 6,50--++11:00160
Knights’ Hall250108160646918625025 x 10254,18M++11:00780
Throne Room*12048132525212012020,24 x 8,76177,44-+11:00540
White Hall*1204810848429612019,46 x 8,80171,48M++11:00520

* Restricted use. Only after consultation with the Residenz management.