The mysterious world of the genius

The special exhibition at Hohenwerfen Castle is dedicated to all Leonardo da Vinci’s talents which influence our every day life much more than his magnificent drawings: The all-round genius da Vinci was a free spirit, a visionary and a revolutionary thinker. A builder, an architect and an inventor, he laid the foundation for today’s technology, introduced technological change and made technological progress as we know it today possible.

During his lifetime, Leonardo da Vinci drew several hundred sketches of technological devices, and this is precisely what the exhibition is dedicated to: With 30 - partly interactive - functional models and fascinating 3D holograms, it illustrates da Vinci’s geniality and extraordinary way of thinking. The exhibition mainly focuses on the machines he designed, the war devices and utensils for lifting, conveyor and measuring technology. Combined with his studies on bird flight and its transformation into flying devices, the “Codice del Volo”, a direct link is made to Hohenwerfen Castle.

The special exhibition will enrich Hohenwerfen Castle until the end of 2018, and is included in the combined castle ticket as well as in the convenient purchase of an online ticket. We also provide exciting special tours through the exhibition for groups.