Experience medieval life at Hohenwerfen Fortress

Great views with the practical "All Inclusive Card"

There are several guided tours of Hohenwerfen Fortress every day. The tours are available in thirteen languages. To get the most out of a trip to the fortress, including a tour, falconry demonstration, a visit to the exhibitions, and culinary fortification in the "Burgschenke", a half day should be planned into your schedule.

The attractive "All Inclusive Card" includes:

  Tours of the fortress in German and with an audio guide
Tours of the interior in E/IT/FR/NL/CS/ES/RU/PL/SE/HU/DA/HE/AR and for children EN/IT/NL/DA/HE take place several times a day and include the fortress chapel, the dark staircase and chapel bastion, pitch kitchen, cistern, drop tower, armoury and arsenal, weapons room, battlements, bell tower, clockworks, bell and the princely rooms. Duration: approx 1 hour.
    Impressive falconry flight displays at the historical falconry centre:
Vultures, red kites, falcons and other birds of prey display their airborne grace several times a day
  Illuminating exhibition history of building at the castle
    NEW 2017: Exhibition about "Leonardo Da Vinci" 
    First Austrian museum of falconry
Fascinating details and background information on falconry in various cultures