Salzburg "Residenz" Palace

Two hundred years of style

Residenz Salzburg - Carabinieri Hall
For hundreds of years the prince bishops used the Salzburg Residenz as a magnificent place of abode and as a means of presenting and representing their political status. Visitors requesting and audience with the regents were exposed to the rulers"demonstrations of power and arbitrary authority. The only individuals allowed into the most magnificent rooms were people the prince bishops ‘could bear to see". Thus was the rule.

Magnificent urban palace

Today the Residenz palace at the heart of the old part of the town is one of the most impressive attractions in Salzburg. The tour encompasses the sumptuously fitted rooms, beneath which is an immense hall of almost 600m², the ‘Carabinieri Saal", then the large ‘Rittersaal", the magnificent Audienzsaal, the bed chamber and private chapel, the ‘Thronsaal"and the ‘Weiße Saal".

The exquisite fixtures and fittings include a classical ceramic tile high-oven, Venetian mirrors, ceiling frescos by Johann Michael Rottmayr, crystal chandeliers of smoked Bohemian glass, high baroque stucco work with gold leaf, as well as various clocks and paintings.