The History of the Salzburg "Residenz"

At the centre of political power

Residenz Salzburg - State Apartments - White Hall
The first documented reference to the Residenz can be dated back to 1232. Archbishop Konrad I began constructing the bishop"s palace at the end of the first investiture conflict. Between 1519 and 1586 there were several changes and additions. The Residenz as it appears today was built under the auspices of Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau (1587–1612).

Building of the south wing, featuring the large staircase and the Carabinieri-Saal, a connecting section linking to the Franziskanerkirche and a large courtyard, was started at the beginning of the 17th century. Wolf Dietrich"s successors expanded and refined the complex until the end of the 18th century. The palace served the archbishops doubly; as a place to live and as a venue for public gatherings and summits exuding the requisite aura of might and grandeur.

Residence and status

People viewing the Residenz today take the same route through the rooms as did the messengers of foreign princes, statesmen and diplomats on their way to an audience with the archbishop. Starting in the Carabinieri-Saal, as the visitor proceeds the rooms are of increasing pomp and splendour – through the Rittersaal, Ratszimmer, Antecamera and on into the Audienzsaal, the most magnificent and ornate of the reception rooms. The private chambers of the prince bishops consisted of an office, a coffer and safe room, a bedroom with a private chapel, the beautiful gallery, the throne room, the white hall, the green room and the imperial hall.

Functions of the "Beletage"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart regularly performed for the regents in the stately rooms of the Salzburg Residenz palace. In fact, the first ever performance of his violin concerto KV 219 in A-major took place on the 20th December 1775 in the "Ratszimmer" conference hall.

The Residenz is now owned by the province of Salzburg. The stately rooms of the "Beletage" are still being used for public, private and political events and functions. These chambers can also be rented as a splendid backdrop for all kinds of events.