Educational programmes

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg also offers school classes, groups of children and young teenagers opportunities to experience history at first hand.

The educational services provided by our trained museum staff replace bone dry facts and figures with fascinating details about the lives of the archbishops, and about the building phases of the fortress, for younger people with a thirst for knowledge.

Tours are conducted by trained museum experts only.

Tours of the interior of the fortress

The history of the fortress is explained using models. Suitable for children aged 6 to 15! Details

45 mins. 3,20 from the 1st school year Inquiry

Brick by Brick - A Building and its History

The mighty walls – who built them? Which tools and materials did the workers use? Details

75 min. 4,20 from the 2nd school year upwards Inquiry

The people and their walls

The mighty walls – who built them? Immensely heavy loads – how did they get up the mountain? Who made sure enemy soldiers couldn’t sneak through the giant gates? Details

75 Min. 4,20 from the 2nd school year upwards Inquiry

The fortress and its legends

New life is breathed into these characters in colourful costumes. Details

2 hrs. (incl. programme) 6,30 from the 3rd school year upwards Inquiry

Historic Ball Games

Conscientious and hard workers enjoy entertainment in the few hours of leisure they are granted. This was no different for the fortress inhabitants, young and old alike, of 400 or 500 years ago. Details

120 min. 6,30 from the 2nd school year Inquiry

The bishop and his dresses

Most of the time the fortress was only populated by craftsmen, guards, their wives and their children. The prince bishops usually only sought the shelter of the mighty walls in periods of great danger. Details

2 hrs. 6,30 for the 7th school year upwards Inquiry

Young people’s programmes

Amorous stories; the family life of the archbishops in the light of ecclesiastical and political constraints. Details

2 hrs. 6,30 7th – 13th school year Inquiry

Special: Power in the city

Insights into the depths of the fortress and views of the city and countryside of Salzburg. Details

7,20 8th – 12th school year Inquiry